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Free Trials


CloudAEye provides 30 days free trials! This topic provides details on how you may try out CloudAEye SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) by leveraging the free trial period.

Trial Details

The following features and services are available in our free trials. This plan focuses on providing you useful services that addresses your pain ponts.

Service Name Details
Logs 1 service; 50 GB logs; 14-day retention; parse logs with sophisticated (Logstash) rules; view logs with Kibana dashboard
Logs Analyzer 1 service that analyzes your logs automatically for anomaly detection
Metrics 1 service; 10K series for Prometheus; 60 Query Processing minutes; 14-day retention
Metrics Analyzer 1 service that analyzes your metrics automatically for anomaly detection and root-cause analysis
Dashboards (Grafana) 1 service; 5 dashboards; set up and view alerts
Notifications 30 email and SMS notifications; manage templates, bundling, snooze configuration
User Management Up to 3 team members; manage tenant and service level access


In order to use the free trials, please register with CloudAEye!

Free Trials

To initial free trial, click on REQUEST FREE TRIAL button in the top right corner of HOME screen.

A new screen will appear requesting the following information from user:

  • LinkedIn URL of the company - Please enter the LinkedIn url of your company. For example,
  • Job Title - Your job title at work.
  • No of employees - Number of employees at your company.
  • Phone number - Phone number of your company.

Click SUBMIT button. You have successfully requested for a free-trial.

CloudAEye team will review your request and notify you. If you have not heard back within 24 hours, you may reach out at .

Trial Period

30 days. It starts from the day you register with CloudAEye SaaS.


Who should consider using this srevice?

CloudAEye is designed to deliver advanced AI solution for distributed cloud application management

Startups and enterprises who are using public cloud (AWS) and looking for intelligent observability solution. Customers who have cloud native application(s) based on microservices architecture will most benefit from our AI powered services.

Do I need to provide my credit card for free trials?

No, not during CloudAEye SaaS preview.

How do I find out if I go over the quota?

You will receive an email notification when you reach 85% of your quota for a service.

What happens when I go over my quota?

Your access to the service(s) will be terminated. We will work with you to identify possible next steps.

What is expected from me?

We would like to work with you to properly configure the AI based services. Your participation in explaining your application architecture and available application metrics will be required to deliver optimal results. Additionally, if you can work with us to identify incidents when they occur, that will help to properly configure the AI models for unparalleled accuracy.

What happens at the end of trial period?

  • We request that you give us a detailed feedback so that we can improve our services for you. If you would like to use our services when we go GA (General Availability), we will notify you.
  • If we are able to solve your pain points and meet your expectations, we would like to get a quote from you (if possible).
  • We would like to work with you to develop a case study if you are available.

Thank you for trying out our services and giving us your feedback.