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Register with CloudAEye SaaS


This topic describes how to register for CloudAEye SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).


Register for an account with CloudAEye. Enter your name, work email address and company name in the initial screen. You will receive a temporary password in email within few minutes.

In the next screen, enter your temporary password and the password you would like to use to complete the registration process.

Log in

With your email address and password, you may log in.

Update Profile

After logging in, you may update your profile information.


You need to have CloudAEye CLI caeops installed.


Configure caeops

You need to run this command only once.

caeops configure  

Sign up with CloudAEye SaaS

You may run the following commands to sign up with CloudAEye SaaS.

caeops tenants register --given-name=Demo --family-name=CloudAEye --company=DemoCloudAeye --company-phone=+91123456789


  • --email = Your work email address
  • --given-name = Your first name
  • --family-name = Your last name
  • --linkedin-url = Your LinkedIn profile url
  • --company = Name of your company
  • --company-phone = Phone number of your company. Use +N for country code, followed by numbers without any gaps
  • --company-url = Company web site url

After this request is approved by CloudAEye, you will receive a temporary password in email that you may use to login.


caeops users login --password=Admin@1234
User successfully Logged In

You will be asked to reset your password during your first login after registration.

caeops users login --password=<temp-password>
New Password: ******
User successfully Logged In