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CloudAEye SaaS Profile


This topic describes how to update your CloudAEye SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) profile.


Click on the image on the top right corner and select Profile from the menu.

Under Profile tab, you may update the following information.

Profile - Basic Details

  • Name - Your full name.
  • Linkedin URL - Your LinkedIn profile url. For example,
  • Gender - Your gender.
  • Birthdate - Your date of birth.
  • Role - Your current role in CloudAEye SaaS. You may manage the role using 'Manage roles' link.

Profile - Contact Details

  • Email address - Your work email address.
  • Phone number - Your phone number.
  • Address - Your mailing address.

Job Details

  • Job title - Your job title at work.
  • Department - Name of your department or organization at work.

Company Details

  • Company name - Name of your company. For example, CloudAEye.
  • Company url - Website url of your company. For example,
  • Company phone - Phone number of your company.
  • People - Number of people currently employed by your company.
  • Industry - Sector or industry where your company is currently focusing on.

Security - Change Your Password

Under Security tab, you may change your password.

  • Password - Enter your current password.
  • New Password - Enter your new password. Please read this article to setup strong passwords.

Account Preference

You may delete your account by clicking the Delete button.

Before You Delete

  • Please beaware that, you will loose your access to CloudAEye SaaS if you delete your account.
  • If you are the only tentnat administrator for your account, you must assign the 'Tenant Administrator' role to another person to ensure proper continuity of the account management.

Run caeops tenants update to update your profile.

You may use the following options:

  • --email - Your work email address.
  • --given-name - Your first name or given name.
  • --family-name - Your last name or family name.
  • --linkedin-url - Your LinkedIn profile url.
  • --phone-number - Your phone numder.
  • --birthdate - Your date of birth.
  • --address - Your mailing address.
  • --gender - Your gender.
  • --company - Name of your company.
  • --company-phone - Your work phone number.
  • --company-url - URL of your company website.