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Root Cause Graph in Kosal - Root Cause Analysis


CloudAEye automatically performs root cause analysis of an incident and shows it in the Root Cause tab.


  • Quick Start Guide is completed

View Incident Root Cause Graph

Click on the Root Cause tab to see the root cause graph.

Root Cause Graph

The Root Cause graph page shows the following:

  1. Dependency Graph: The main graph shows the dependency graph of the application. The root cause service is shown in red along with root cause path. Any services impacting the root cause is shown in orange and yellow color. CloudAEye tracks golden metrics - Latency, Throughput, Erros, and CPU. The circles around the component shows the amount of deviations for each metric.

  2. Legend: The legend shows the colors used for showing golden metrics deviations and root cause.

  3. Time Capsule: Allows you to go back in time and replay the incident.