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Getting Started with Kosal - Root Cause Analysis


This guide describes how to set up the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) solution. It covers the following steps:

  • Connect your observability data (ex. Datadog) for automated AI-driven analysis
  • View discovered incidents and understand the root cause and full context
  • Use AI assistant for deeper insights

At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to get started with Root Cause Analysis (RCA) solution for your distributed cloud applications. We offer a 14-day free trials. You may try for free! Click here to explore the free trials benefits.


  • Introducing Kosal - Root Cause Copilot


Step 1: Register

Sign up with CloudAEye SaaS.

Setup RCA

After you get access to CloudAEye SaaS, do the following steps:

Step 2: Configure Access to Your Observability

Configure Datadog for CloudAEye access.


Please ensure that your observability service (ex. Datadog) has a few days (ex. 3 days) of data so that there is enough logs, metrics, traces for the AI/ML model to complete the training.

Next Steps

Now that you have a working AI powered root cause analysis solution, you may explore the following next: