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Incident Overview in Kosal - Root Cause Analysis


CloudAEye automatically detects problems in production environment (ex. anomalies) and groups them as incident for each processing window. Each incident captures relavent context data to aid in with the investigations.


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View an Incident Overview

From the left navigation, select Root Cause Analysis. You will see a dashboard. The Incidents table shows detected incidents by CloudAEye. To view details of an incident, click on the right arrow icon. You will see the incident overview page.

RCA Incident Overview

The Incident Overview page shows the following:

  1. Root Cause Hypothesis: This shows the root cause of the incident and affected components.

  2. Timeline: This shows the timeline of when different event occured.

  3. Time Capsule: This allows you to go back in time and replay the incident.

  4. Anomaly List: This shows all the discovered anomalies across your application.