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Incident Logs in Kosal - Root Cause Analysis


Each incident captures relavent logs data to aid in with the investigations.


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View an Incident Logs

Click on the Logs tab to see the incident metrics.

RCA Logs

The Logs page shows the following:

  1. Time Capsule: This allows you to go back in time and replay the incident.

  2. Log Spike: This shows change in log volume during the incident.

  3. Logs: This shows the logs during the incident.

  4. Exceptions in Logs: This shows the exceptions in logs during incident.

  5. Most Anomalies: This shows the ordered list of anomalous services.

  6. Heat Map: This shows the heat map of anomalies discovered across different services.

  7. Anomaly Count: This shows the count of anomalies as bar graph.

  8. Confidence: This shows the confidence distribution of discovered anomalies.

  9. Anomaly List: This shows the anomalous log services. :w