Setup EC2

  • To setup EC2 instance follow these steps

    • Create an EC2 instance
      Click here Create EC2 instance
    • Click on launch instances button DockerLaunch
    • Fill the form with the details and select the instance type to be t2/t3.small . Our agent image had a size of 200mb and needs around 100mb memory to run correctly. The actual resource used depends on the amount of logs generated. You can go with any other instance type, just make sure it has the required resources. DockerForm1 Select the proper configuration for allowing ssh/https traffic. Ensure that you current IP is not blocked
      Select appropriate disk size DockerForm2
  • Once the instance is running we will have to add proper roles for the EC2 instance so that our agent can run correctly. To do that click on the action button on the right-hand side and click on the modify IAM role button DockerForm3

  • Click on create new IAM role button DockerForm4

  • When creating a new role

    • Select the Trusted entity type to be AWS Service
    • Select the Use case to be EC2
    • Select the option - EC2 Role for AWS Systems Manager DockerForm5 DockerForm6
  • Select a role name and click on the create role button DockerForm7

  • Coming back to the role select page select the newly create role DockerForm8

  • Set up you docker application in the EC2 instance. We used this application for testing - Sock Shop

    • To install it, go to the deploy folder Deploy Sock Shop and use the command
      docker compose up -d
  • To setup CloudAEye Logs streaming agents, click here