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Help Center


Help Center and Quick-Help provides you with access to product documentation with semantic search and knowledge management for easy discovery and retrieval.


Accessing Help Center

Explore the 'Help Center' Page to access comprehensive documentation and videos related to the services you are using. You may access the 'Help Center' at or click on the 'Help Center' icon on the left navigation.

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Take advantage of our AI-powered semantic search feature to quickly find answers you need. You may troubleshoot issues, whether you're setting up the logs service or configuring log streaming. No more sifting through documentation – simply enter your query in the AI Search Bar in Quick Help, and it will provide you with relevant information instantly. The AI-powered search also includes references to our documentation links and videos, offering a seamless way to resolve your issues within seconds.

Trusted Answers Without the Digging

Eliminate busy work by getting answers to your qustions about CloudAEye product documentation. You don't need to hunt for the information. Our solution uses latest generative AI technologies and can respond to your queries about CloudAEye instantly.

How to use our Semantic Search feature for troubleshooting?

On the CloudAEye console pages, you may find the 'Quick Help' icon on the top right corner of the screen similar to icon highlighted in red color in the image below.

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Click on the above icon. This shall open up our 'Quick Help' section.

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Type your query in the search bar (for example: How to create a Log-Service?) and click on the Search Button as above. Bingo! You can now find the answer below and the relevant references to our documentation and YouTube tutorials.

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