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Log Patterns

Log Patterns


Log Patterns, our innovative log analysis feature, aims to be a software engineer's ally during critical moments such as system outages. By automatically analyzing logs in real-time and grouping them based on shared patterns, it simplifies the process of surfacing crucial information from large volumes of logs. This valuable tool allows engineers to quickly interpret logs, identify unusual occurrences, and accelerate their investigations, streamlining the troubleshooting process and saving valuable time during emergencies. With Log Patterns at your disposal, navigating through logs becomes a breeze, empowering you to resolve issues promptly and effectively.

To empower you during such critical moments, we're thrilled to introduce Log Patterns. This feature works in real-time, automatically analyzing your logs and organizing them into clusters based on shared patterns. By doing so, Log Patterns enables you to gain immediate insights, helping you identify potential anomalies and irregular occurrences.


Grasping the Scope

When it comes to investigating issues, finding relevant information in a sea of logs can be daunting, especially when you're not even sure what to look for. That's where Log Patterns comes to the rescue, offering a simple and effective solution. In the Log Explorer, just click the Patterns button, and you can instantly filter logs based on application name, function, log level, or other attributes. This intelligent feature then groups similar logs together, allowing you to quickly spot patterns without needing to construct complex search queries. Within each log grouping, you can easily identify common snippets of log messages displayed in plain text, as well as variations highlighted across the members of the group. With Log Patterns, sifting through logs becomes a breeze, enabling software engineers to swiftly recognize essential insights and accelerate the issue investigation process.

Powerful Log Patterns Views for Simplified Log Analysis

In the world of software engineering, dealing with a flood of logs can be overwhelming. But fear not, because Log Patterns is here to make your log analysis a breeze. This powerful feature quickly identifies and highlights essential patterns, providing you with a high-level overview of your logs, making it easier to grasp the big picture.

But that's not all! Log Patterns goes a step further by enabling you to investigate specific log details effortlessly. By simply clicking on any cluster, you gain access to four distinct views:

  • Dive into Time-Based Insights: Log Patterns Explore logs that occurred within one-minute intervals through an intuitive graph. This view lets you see the log occurrences at a granular level, helping you spot patterns and trends.
  • Unravel Parameter Ranges and Unique Text Values: Log Patterns Log Patterns conveniently displays the selected pattern along with the minimum and maximum values for numerical parameters, as well as a list of unique values for text parameters. This insight provides a deeper understanding of the data distribution within the logs.
  • Examine Individual Log Entries: Log Patterns Easily access individual log entries within the selected time range for the chosen pattern. This level of granularity allows you to inspect specific log messages in detail.
  • Tailor Your Log Exploration: Log Patterns Log Patterns empowers you to further refine your analysis by letting you choose specific ranges for numerical parameters and text fields. This level of customization enables you to drill down even further into the logs.

Empowering Log Exploration

Log Patterns When you encounter a specific log that requires observation, simply select it, and the Log Details Page comes to life, presenting you with a wealth of valuable information. From the log's source, log level, function, to the log message itself, you get a comprehensive view of the log's attributes.

But that's not all! The Log Details Page goes a step further by presenting you with clickable tag information. By clicking on any tag, you can swiftly jump to that particular tag's filter view, where you'll see all the logs associated with it. This seamless navigation allows you to gain insights from logs that share similar tags, streamlining your log exploration process.

The Log Details Page empowers you to fine-tune your log analysis, enabling you to delve deeper into specific logs and associated tags. With this level of control, you can swiftly identify patterns, trace the origins of issues, and troubleshoot with unparalleled efficiency.

Enhancing Log Context with "View in Context"

Log Patterns As software engineers, we know how crucial it is to have all the necessary information at your fingertips during log analysis. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the "View in Context" feature, designed to provide you with an even deeper understanding of your logs.

When investigating a specific log entry, clicking "View in Context" takes you to the explorer page with the selected log highlighted. This seamless transition allows you to effortlessly explore logs around the same time frame, giving you valuable context and insights into related log entries.

With "View in Context," you can now gather additional information that complements the selected log, making it easier to trace the sequence of events and understand the broader picture. This feature becomes an indispensable ally during troubleshooting, enabling you to navigate through logs more efficiently and uncover the critical details needed to pinpoint the root causes of issues.

Streamlining Log Analysis with Log Patterns

With Log Patterns, you no longer need to struggle with log analysis. It streamlines the process, helping you identify critical insights and understand the root causes of issues swiftly. Say goodbye to log data confusion and embrace a more efficient and intuitive way to navigate through your logs. Log Patterns is the ultimate tool to simplify log analysis and supercharge your troubleshooting capabilities.