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An agent is the small process that enables user to collect metrics and logs data from different sources and reliably send them to CloudAEye SaaS.

Runtime Requirements

CloudAEye agents are designed with performance in mind. The primary focus was on delivering high throughput with low CPU and memory usage. CloudAEye used available open-source and proven technologies that are widely used to deliver enterprise grade experience for streaming data to CloudAEye.

Agent Details

Area Description
Logs Fluentd is used to collect and stream the logs. Fluentd is widely used and one of the most popular open-source technology in this space. In Kubernetes, the agent runs as a sidecar, which is the recommended architecture for Kubernetes. In AWS Lambda, the agent uses AWS SDK(boto3). Refer to this for more details.
Metrics OpenTelemetry Collector from AWS is used for this for AWS deployments. This provides OpenTelemetry standards based proven technologies that are battle tested. Refer to this for more details.