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JIRA Productivity Improvement Features

CloudAEye's Jira plugin application can drastically improve your teams productivity. The plugin, coupled with our state-of-the-art AI capabilities, can semantically search through Jira issues and find tickets that are similar to the problem that you are currently facing. It can summarize large and complicated tickets and generate internal or external communications, release notes among other tasks.

Have we seen this issues before?

You can provide an existing Jira ticket number e.g., 'BETA-2341' and ask the assistant, if we have seen issues like this in the past.

Chatbot similar

Summarizing large and complex incident tickets

Most often when a major operational incident (or outage) happens, there can be overwhelming amount of status updates and comments on the incident ticket. An example from ticket BETA-2438 is shown here: Chatbot gitlab

Often DevOps teams need to generate external communication messages to customers informing them of the current status and expected mitigation time. It can be a tedious process to go over large and complex tickets, but the AEye Assistant can perform the task within a few seconds if prompted.

Example to generate external/customer communication message from the above ticket 'BETA-2438': Chatbot gitlab

Example to generate internal/team message from the above ticket 'BETA-2438': Chatbot gitlab

Generating Release Notes

Release notes are another area where the AEye Assistant can help improve team productivity by analzying the list of Jira tickets and automatically summarizing them into an easy to communicate release note

Example to generate release notes for 'Release-1.2' for a team : Chatbot release