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This command helps you update an user account with CloudAEye. Run caeops users update --help for more help.


--email [value]
[--given-name [value]]
[--family-name [value]]
[--role [value]]
[--linkedin-url [value]]
[--birthdate [value]]
[--gender [value]]
[--phone-number [value]]
[--picture [value]]


--email (string)

Email of the user you want to edit

--given-name (string)

New name for the account

--family-name (string)

New family name for the account

--role (string)

Role assigned to the user. e.g TenantUser

--linkedin-url (string)

LinkedIn url of the user

--birthdate (date)

Birthday of the user

--gender (string)

Gender of the user

--address (string)

Valid address of the user

--phone-number (number)

Valid phone number of the user

--picture (string)

URL of the picture


To update a user with CloudAEye.

The following users update example updates a user with CloudAEye.

caeops users update --given-name=example --family-name=user-example --role=developer --birthdate=dd/mm/yyyy --gender=gender --address=valid address


User details -> (structure)

  • email -> (string)
    Email address of the user
  • givenName -> (string)
    Name of the user
  • familyName -> (string)
    Family name of the user
  • linkedinUrl -> (string)
    LinkedIn url of the user
  • picture -> (string)
    Url of the user's picture
  • phoneNumber -> (number)
    Phone number of the user
  • roles -> (list)
    Roles assigned to the user
  • gender -> (list)
    Gender of the user
  • address -> (list)
    Address of the user
  • birthdate -> (list)
    Birthdate of the user
  • createdAt -> (long)
    Creation timestamp
  • updatedAt -> (long)
    Last modified timestamp
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