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This command helps you update a running agent that collect metrics from any source (supported by CloudAEye) running on a given cloud env (supported by CloudAEye) and ships them to the provided metrics service endpoint

Run caeops metrics update-agent --help for more help.


--service-name [value]
--cloud [value]
--source [value]
--app-name [value]
[--kubernetes-cluster-name [value]]
[--enable [value]]
[--enable-cloud-services [value]]


--service-name (string)

Name of the metrics service

--cloud (string)

The type of cloud service providers. Supported providers : aws

--source (string)

The type of cloud source. Supported resources : kubernetes

--app-name (string)

A representative name for the current app sending the metrics

--enable (bool)

Determines whether to enable or disable the agent. Defaults to true

--kubernetes-cluster-name (string)

Name of the kubernetes cluster where the agent needs to run

--enable-cloud-services (string)

Provide the name of AWS services where you want the metrics to collect from. You can give a string of comma separated values. Possitble services are as follows - aws-natgateway - aws-elb - aws-apigateway - aws-ec2 - aws-ecs - aws-fargate - aws-lambda - aws-dynamodb - aws-rds - aws-docdb - aws-cassandra - aws-ebs - aws-s3 - aws-efs - aws-cognito - aws-sns - aws-sqs - aws-events - aws-states - aws-ses


Example 1

  • The following metrics update-agent example generates commands to disable(turn off) an agent running on a kubernetes source on aws cloud
caeops metrics update-agent --service-name mymetrics --cloud aws --source kubernetes
                         --kubernetes-cluster-name saas-servers-dev --app-name "Test App"
                         --enable false

Instructions -> (string)

1. Run the below command to download the script and update the agent. (This script updates a helm chart)

         python3 --agent-mode 'update'
         --set client.app_name="Test App" --set client.app_key="TA"
         --helm-repo ''
         --enable-metrics 'no'
        --enable-cloud-services "aws-ec2,aws-ecs"

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