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caeops > logs



This command lists all the Logs Service


The following logs list example lists all the Logs Service

caeops logs list


Logs Service Details -> (Structure)

  • serviceName -> (string)
    Name of the Logs Service
  • serviceRegion -> (string)
    Region of Logs Service
  • serviceEndpoint -> (string)
    Endpoint of the Elasticsearch Instance
  • serviceType -> (string)
    Type of the resource, logs-service for Logs Service
  • groupName -> (string)
    Name of the service group to which the Logs Service is added
  • labels -> Structure

    • key -> (string) Name of the label

    • value -> (string) Value of the label

  • createdAt -> (long)
    Creation timestamp

  • updatedAt -> (long)
    Last modified timestamp
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