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CloudAEye CLI Documentation

The CloudAEye Command Line Interface is a unified tool to manage your CloudAEye services. Please see install instructions to get started.


caeops <command> <subcommand> [parameters]
  • Use caeops command help for information on any specific command. Optional parameters are shown in square brackets.

Available Commands

  • tenants - helps you create an account with CloudAEye
  • users - helps you create a user account with CloudAEye and manage it
  • groups - helps you create a group for better management of users
  • service-groups - helps you create and manage groups of services (e.g logs-service, metrics-service)


  • logs - helps you create a centralized logs service
  • logs-analyzer - helps you create a logs-analyzer for anomaly detection
  • metrics - helps you create a centralized metrics service
  • metrics-analyzer - helps you create a metrics-analyzer for anomaly detection
  • dashboards - helps you create and manage (Grafana) dashboards service
  • notifications - helps you manage notifications


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