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This command helps you set you create an Logs Service to store and process the log data Run caeops logs create --help for more help.


--name [value]
[--labels [value]]
[--group-name [value]]


--name (string)

Name of Logs Service

--labels (list)

List of all the labels that you want to attach

--group-name (string)

Name of group in which you want to add the Logs Service


To create an Logs Service. The following logs create example creates an Logs Service

caeops logs create --name=name --labels=[{owner=example},{env=dev}] --group-name=exmaple-group


Logs Service Details -> (Structure)

  • serviceName -> (string)
    Name of the Logs Service
  • serviceRegion -> (string)
    Region of Logs Service
  • serviceEndpoint -> (string)
    Endpoint of the Elasticsearch Instance
  • serviceType -> (string)
    Type of the resource, logs-service for Logs Service
  • groupName -> (string)
    Name of the service group to which the Logs Service is added
  • labels -> Structure

    • key -> (string) Name of the label

    • value -> (string) Value of the label

  • createdAt -> (long)
    Creation timestamp

  • updatedAt -> (long)
    Last modified timestamp
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