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CloudAEye Documentation

What is CloudAEye?

CloudAEye is an intelligent cloud service, providing SaaS-based operations management. The AI-powered workflow provides observability services with logs, metrics and notifications. It focuses on contextual awareness and automatically surfaces anomalous services. CloudAEye offers frictionless management of an incident and root-cause analysis to reduce MTTD (mean time to detect) and MTTR (mean time to repair).

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CloudAEye Observability

  • CloudAEye offers centralized logs service with enterprise grade and highly scalable Elasticsearch (now OpenSearch ) service with multi-AZ support. Integrated dashboard provides easy viewing of logs data.
  • Metrics service is built on top of Prometheus, the most adopted open source platform for time series data.
  • In addition to that, dedicated Grafana based dashboards service is the most sophisticated visualization tools available in the open source.
  • Notificaton service provides email and SMS notificaion out-of-the-box.
  • The services are built based on OpenMetrics and OpenTelemetry standards and removes the complexity of running open source technologies at scale. Customers are able to use the familiar open sources and open standards based interfaces without vendor lock-in.

🎀 AI Driven

The AI-driven logs and metrics analyzer services are custom built for distributed cloud applications. It is integrated with best-in-class ML/DL models stemming from years of industry and academia research. It delivers industry leading high precision and recall (F-1 scores).

Our mission is to deliver the most advanced and ultimate AI solution for distributed cloud application management.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Open Source and Open Standards based - Removes the complexity of running open source technologies at scale. Use the familiar open sources and open standards based interfaces.
  • Centralized and Unified – Ingest data from different sources to a centralized logs and metrics services. Use standards based techniques to unify your data for quick analysis and resolutions.
  • Sophisticated Logs Parsing – Parse data and enrich your logs using exhaustive set of plugins.
  • Live Tail – See live tail of your data in dashboards.
  • Cloud Scale – Scalable observability with horizontal scalability. The services automatically scales as your workloads grows.
  • Integrations – Enjoy a rich set of out-of-the-box integrations with services you normally use in your microservices applications (AWS services such as ELB, API Gateway, EC2, DynamoDB, RDS, DocumentDB, Keyspaces, EBS, S3, EFS, Cognito, SNS, SQS, etc.). We currently support Kubernetes (AWS EKS) as microservices deployment environment. We support containerized applications with EC2/Docker runtime. Support for serverless (Lambda, ECS/Fargate) is available.
  • Sophisticated Dashboards - Dedicated Grafana instance per tenant with unlimited dashboards that enables you to analyze your metrics, logs. Use alerts and pre-built dashboards to get started quickly.
  • Secure – The services are highly secure with out-of-the box integrations with data sources, dashboards and other commonly used services.
  • Alert Notifications – Receive out-of-the-box notifications in email, text (Slack – coming soon) and avoid expensive subscriptions to additional services.
  • Productive – Go from zero to observability in minutes. Reduce your overhead by letting someone else maintain observability service for you.
  • Real-time & Actionable - The AI powered incident detection and management solution provides contextual awareness, frictionless management of an incident and root-cause-analysis instantaneously.
  • Reduced Noise & Alert Fatigue - The automated anomaly detection reduces operational burden. Avoids dealing with large volumes of statically configured alerts that are not productive to investigate during an incident.
  • Purpose Built for Cloud Native Stack - CloudAEye is designed to work for cloud native stack.